Our People


ur 17,000+ talented employees are the backbone of our business, under the vision, leadership, and guidance of our Promoters, they have enabled us to become a company of choice in the industry. Our Promoters individually have more than 30 years of diverse experience in the construction industry. With strong operational knowledge and a relationship of credibility and trust with all our clients, the promoters have helped us create a successful record of constructing significant projects in record time.

Additionally, our senior management team is highly qualified and skilled with expertise in their respective functions. This has further enabled us to consolidate our market position and drive future growth.

Fiscal discipline, along with asset monetization

  • We continue to maintain strict oversight on costs by creating an ownership mind-set. Careful selection of projects, effective utilization and maintenance of modern construction equipment, centralized procurement, and cautious expansion into new businesses and new geographical areas have enabled us to maintain cost efficiencies as well as execution excellence.
  • We constantly explore alternate means of generating cash flows, including divestment of our stake in road projects, and raise capital through setting up appropriate infrastructure investment trusts, etc.

Project Management

We have over 25 years of experience in executing EPC projects particularly in the road sector, comprising of construction and development of state and national highways, bridges, culverts, flyovers, airport runways, railways, metros, tunnels, and rail over-bridges.

Our immense experience in execution of EPC projects, technical capabilities, skilled human capital, in-house manufactured raw materials, backward integration, timely performance, reputation for quality, financial strength, cost efficiency as well as the price competitive bids have enabled us to win and execute various high value projects.

We undertake our construction business in an integrated manner, as we have developed key competencies and in-house resources to deliver projects from conceptualization to completion. It has proven to give us a competitive edge:

Ensures that products and services required for projects, meet highest quality and safety standards
Reduces our dependence on third party vendors and suppliers
Contributes to our ability to successfully complete projects on or before time
Allows us to capture a larger proportion of the value chain in the road development business, including EPC margins, developer returns and operation and maintenance margins.

Key features of our integrated model:

  • Human Capital: A strong employee base of highly talented people
  • In – house design team: Skilled design and engineering team, for providing complete design solutions for complex structures, bridges, etc.
  • Dedicated project management team to oversee operational efficiencies and execution
  • In-house manufacturing facilities: Processing of bitumen; fabrication and galvanization unit for manufacturing metal crash barriers and electric poles; and thermoplastic road-marking paint and road signage manufacturing unit, cater to the key components that are required in the construction and development of our projects, thus eliminating dependence on third parties
  • Plant & Equipment: 8,000+ self-owned construction equipment and vehicles that significantly reduce our dependence on third party providers and efficiently manage our project execution. Some of the equipment we develop include hot mix plants, crushers, graders, concrete pumps, compressors, bitumen sprayers and transit mixer. We continue to expand our equipment base, it being a critical element in timely execution of our projects. It provides us with a competitive edge, as it enables rapid mobilization of high-quality equipment thereby reducing project execution time. We also have a dedicated workshop, where we undertake major repair and maintenance of our construction equipment and vehicles. We have been authorized by one of the OEMs to operate a service station at our workshop. In-house repair and maintenance of our equipment and vehicles ensures reduced downtime, which further facilitates in achieving early completion of project timelines.

Schedule Management

  • With our experience of over 25 years and more than 100 road construction projects executed since 2006, we have developed an established track record of efficient project management and execution experience, involving trained and skilled manpower, efficient deployment of equipment and an in-house integrated model to complete complex projects, prior to or within scheduled timelines. This has also allowed us to grow our business.
  • Some of our projects that completed earlier than what was stipulated, are set out below:
S.No. Name Length
Type State Client Construction Period (Days) Completed ahead of schedule (Days)
1 Nagaur – Mukundgarh 393.71 HAM Rajasthan PWD 730 394
2 Shilong Bypass 26.95 BoT (A) Meghalaya NHAI 1095 318
3 Porbandar-Dwarka 117.75 HAM Gujarat NHAI 1095 299
4 Reengus to Sikar 44.43 BoT (A) Rajasthan NHAI 931 261
5 Varanasi Ring Road 16.98 EPC Uttar Pradesh NHAI 910 143
6 Lokhandi-Sanwargaon 38.28 EPC Maharashtra PWD 730 140
7 Barmer – Jaisalmer 131.41 EPC Rajasthan NHAI 910 126
8 Hisar-Dabwali (Package-1) 57 EPC Haryana NHAI 914 115
9 Pratapgarh-Allahabad 34.7 EPC Uttar Pradesh MoRTH 730 111
10 Hisar-Dabwali (Package-2) 87.66 EPC Haryana NHAI 913 106
11 Bagundi – Barmer 74.10 EPC Rajasthan NHAI 910 96
12 Faridkote – Kotakpura 62.12 EPC Punjab MoRTH 730 91
13 Harike – Zira – Faridkote 56.70 EPC Punjab MoRTH 730 90
14 Jodhpur – Pokharan 139.33 EPC Rajasthan NHAI 730 67
15 Chhapra – Rewaghat – Muzaffarpur 73.05 EPC Bihar NHAI 878 66
16 Raisinghnagar Poogal 162.46 EPC Rajasthan NHAI 730 55
17 Jowai – Ratacherra 102.26 EPC Meghalaya NHAI 1170 46
18 Phagwara-Rupnagar 80.82 HAM Punjab NHAI 910 38
19 Behraich – Rupaidiha 53.85 EPC Uttar Pradesh PWD 730 28